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CMS Report Premier - Contact Centre Upgrade

CMS Report Premier enhances CMS Report by adding real-time call statistics. Monitor queues and manage customer-facing teams via live dashboards, reports, and wallboards.


Real-Time Call Reporting

Group Wallboards

Agent Reporting

View current calls waiting and call handling statistics by UCD/ACD group, call queue and DDI.

Pre-configured options include:

  • Availability

  • Total time available for all extensions within the business

  • Time on Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • Grade of Service (GoS) and Percentage Calls Answered (PCA)

  • Call queues, waiting time and abandoned calls

  • Unreturned missed calls


Export as a PDF/CSV and email to any email address, with comprehensive filter options available on every report, and the option to schedule as a regular report.

This is an essential tool for any business handling inbound calls. View key performance metrics including calls in queue, average speed of answer, average handling time, expected waiting time and longest waiting time – all in real-time.

The UCD/ACD group wallboard has configurable key metrics that can be displayed on live tiles ready to share on a desktop or large screen.

The Group View Wallboard allows supervisors to see the status of their agents (available / unavailable / on DND) – providing a clear view of how many staff are available to take calls at any given time.

Real-time analytics provide information by agent:

  • Number/duration of inbound/outbound calls

  • Available time and time on DND

  • Time logged in

Call Queue Statistics

My Console

My Console

View metrics on call queues including average queue time, wait time and call duration. Analyse call handling including missed / declined calls and average call duration.

In addition to My Console providing access to their own analytics, agents are able to view their own personal wallboard and call history.

Review past performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan the number of staff and times of day you want them to work. Model and predict using different staffing levels or different volumes of calls, to ensure optimum resource. Parameters such as wrap-up time can be altered to achieve SLAs.