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Samsung Xchange links your telephone to your office computer, visualizing call handling, logging activity to clients, and increasing efficiency overall by making staff more productive.

XChange Dial

Xchange Dial provides call control functionality for individuals via their PC, including the ability to dial from any application / database with visibility of who is calling and why based on the number they are calling from and the number they have dialed.

Gain complete control of the handset from a PC, including making / answering calls that are ringing (even ones that are not ringing on your handset), hang-up, deflect/forward calls, put calls on hold, and perform transfers and consultations.


Xchange Presence


Adds additional features to Samsung Xchange Dial providing integration into other databases for caller ID look-up, presence information and messaging capabilities.

Xchange Integrator

Includes all of the functions of Dial and Presence and adds integration with more specialist industry specific databases.


Xchange Dial


  • Call Control (Hold, Transfer, Consult, Deflect, Answer, DND, Forward, Hang Up, Send Digits)

  • Extension presence view

  • Own caller/Called party details

  • Set availability status

  • Set out of office message

  • Progressive search of users in presence window

  • Shared address book

  • Individual search of connected address books

  • Simultaneous search of multiple address books

  • Multi-contact media from address book

  • MS Outlook incoming call contact searching

  • Call History (listing upto 50 calls)

  • Call Preview window with call control

  • MS Outlook dialling

  • Dialling from browser page

  • Dialling from call history

  • Dialling from clipboard

  • Dialling from application

  • Dialling from TAPI enabled applications

  • Chat Messaging (including multiple recipients)

  • Call preview window with call control

  • Multi-language

  • Selectable skins

  • PC selectable ring tone

  • PC sound mute on call activity

  • Import and Export of dial configuration settings

  • Direct Dialling Inward

  • Security Policies

  • Events driven application launch

  • IP Cameras Integration

  • Waiting Message indication (PBX dependant)

Database Integration:
Lotus Notes
Microsoft Outlook

Xchange Presence


Requires Xchange Dial Licence

  • Includes all Xchange Dial features

  • User presence view

  • Custom presence view

  • Call History (unlimited)

  • Hot Desking

  • Terminal and Citrix Servers

  • Google Places

  • Social Networking

Database Integration:
Lotus Notes
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Outlook
Enrio, Infabel, Search


Integrator Features:

Requires Xchange Dial Licence

  • Includes all Xchange Dial & Presence features


Database Integrations:
Lotus Notes
Microsoft Access
Microsoft CRM
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft NAV
Enrio, Tel, Search, Infobel
Net Suite
Sage Peachtree
Sage CRM
Sage 50
Sage Sales Logix
Sales Force Enterprise
Sugar CRM
Super Office