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Samsung SME-i8630 IP DECT Phone

The SME-8630 IP DECT is the simplest and most effective way to implement mobility within your office environment, offering connectivity to your Samsung solution for up to 200 mobile staff.

The Samsung DECT 8630 Handset has been specifically designed to combine enhanced voice quality with ease of use and elegant design. It integrates with the Samsung range of communications solutions to provide an advanced range of features you would expect from a digital keyphone.

With an intuitive LCD screen and simple menu-driven navigation the Samsung SME-8630 handset also offers a range of features including personal phonebook, vibrate alert, roaming, auto login, silent mode, redial function and microphone mute to name but a few.

Style and functionality in your control
The SME-8630 IP DECT phone also provides an integrated mobile voice solution with the Samsung range of voice systems, providing a variety of features you would expect from a desk phone. In addition the Samsung DECT is extremely durable with long talk and standby time ensuring you get the best value from your investment.

Samsung DECT is available in a variety of configurations with the ability to provide a mobility solution to meet your organisation’s needs. With a wide variety of enhanced and integrated features available and the registration of up to 200 handsets, a Samsung DECT system delivers simple and stylish mobility for diverse working environments.

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Key Specifications:

  • Up to 40 base stations

  • Up to 200 handsets

  • Handsets can be paired with your desk phone or any other on the system

  • A handset can be part of a group (distribute, sequential or unconditional ring mode)

  • Simple web-based configuration interface

  • IP connectivity to give the greatest flexibility and functionality