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Contact Centre - IVR Licences

Built-in Interactive Voice Response enables callers to reach the right agent or offer self-service options both in and out of office hours.

By interacting with your database, information can be automatically played back to callers by Voice or Chat allowing for routine transaction to be completed, saving valuable agent time. Opting for Voice Response activates the functionality ready available within Samsung Contact Centre and will undoubtedly enhance the levels of service available to your customer base.

Scaleable and Affordable


Adding Interactive Voice Response (IVR) licences to SCC means your business can be working when you are not.

Whether the requirement is simple functionality such as callers leaving contact details, to more complexed integration into other information systems that can provide real-time information responses such as stock level information, IVR can provide the solution.

It can also be configured to let customers pay a bill or submit a meter reading instantly without having to wait for an agent to be free. Callers spend less time on the phone and agents are free to focus on more complex interactions.

This is not just an out of hours option either, these processes can be combined with the normal operation of the Contact Centre to provide cover for busy periods or as an option for your customers to choose.

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