SIP Trunking is a form of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony that provides a voice connection using data rather than a fixed line. It uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a signalling protocol which packages voice into data packets, enabling them to be sent via the internet to a SIP Trunking provider’s IP calling network and then out to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


It is a replacement solution for the traditional ISDN lines that transmit data and voice digitally, over physically wired connections. Although, most VoIP services boast an ideal ISDN replacement, SIP Trunking allows you to make and receive calls using IP technology without needing to completely replace your PBX, making it the perfect solution for businesses who aren’t yet ready to move to a fully hosted system. This may be because they do not want to replace their on-premise PBX or they do not want to re-invest in new telephony equipment.


Moving to SIP Trunks?

Our Smart Sip includes  calls to Uk numbers starting with 01,02, 03 & 07.

Moving to the cloud?

What is SIP Trunking?

Did you know you could most likely use your existing telephone system to make calls over the internet?

Not many people do. SIP trunking is a flexible, lower cost alternative to traditional fixed line service for inbound and outbound voice calls, and allows your business to experience the benefits of a hosted solution without removing its legacy telephone equipment.  Saving on call costs and line rental charges, business continuity and calling network features.

What are the Benefits?

Number Flexibility

If your moving office that has a different area code, normally you wouldn't be able to take your number with you.  With Smart SIP, this isn’t a problem using SIP trunks allows you to keep your existing  phone number no matter where you are. Once we port your number onto our Smart  BT Cloud platform your not bound to that BT exchange. 

Disaster Recovery

Incidents that cause an interruption to service such as hostile weather, power failures and natural disasters, can have a detrimental impact on your business reputation. This can lead to an abrupt decline in customer retention and loyalty. SIP trunking can ensure you maintain business as usual and will be able to continue working through every eventuality

Saving You Money

With traditional ISDN your voice and data connection are on different lines. You will be able to save money by having both on one line. SIP trunking can reduce your costs by 50% on line rentals and 25% on calls.


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Greater Flexibility

SIP trunking gives you complete control of your lines – you can add additional trunks when demand is high, reduce them when demand is low and split calls to make handling more effective. Being able to make these instant changes will help you to remain in total control of your communications.

Fraud Prevention

The cost of telecoms in an ever increasing figure, with our SIP services you can protect your business with multiple fraud prevention methods at no extra cost.

All our SIP Trunks and our IP Hosted phones come with Inclusive minutes to all UK numbers starting with 01, 02, 03 & 07 on per Sip Trunk and per hosted user 
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