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Xchange Operator


First impressions count so it is imperative that incoming calls are managed as effectively and professionally as possible by the first point of contact. That’s why Samsung Xchange Operator has been developed – a full screen client application designed to be used in conjunction with a digital or IP handset to provide full operator functionality.

Professional Call Control

Samsung Operator has all the features an operator would expect in a PC Console application and also incorporates additional features such as:

  • Presence

  • Messaging (Chat)

  • Web Page Dialling

  • Full CRM/DB Integration for both directory searching, dialing and contact popping (requires Xchange Integrator)

  • Staff location when used in conjunction with Xchange Mobile.

Simple and Intuitive

With the simplicity of point and click, Samsung Xchange Operator replaces traditional handset ‘key and lamp’ solutions to offer each operator extensive call handling functionality, that vastly improves their day- to-day management of incoming traffic.

Samsung Operator offers users a choice from traditional keyboard working, to drag and drop using a mouse or any combination – all prompted with context sensitive prompts at the top of the screen.

Staff Location Visibility

Samsung Operator provides a line view of all user extensions, whether a remote system location or home/teleworkers. The operator may transfer calls to any user at any location, providing a consistent method of working.

CRM / Google Places Tagging

Control of System Phone State

MS Exchange Integration

Operators have the ability to see the name of the calling organisation or individual using real time data look up and matching techniques. Using an organisation’s internal database(s) and Google Places, the console will search and make a name match whilst the calling party is in the queue – informing the operator who is calling by name/ company and why they are calling based on the DDI number they have dialed.

Samsung Xchange Operator can control any extension status, e.g. Forward to Voicemail or DND if users have forgotten to set it themselves.

It is also has an instant messaging tool which is useful to a busy operator, as Xchange Operator is able to let people know they have calls waiting, allowing personal prioritisation.

Xchange Operator integrates fully in to Microsoft™ Exchange and Outlook address books, and using the multi-directory progressive search functionality, the operator can simply dial by name for any internal or external users.