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Xchange Mobile

Samsung Xchange Mobile is an application for smartphones that integrates with the Samsung Xchange server – delivering desktop service functionality and benefits to a user’s smartphone.

Reduce Call Charges

Samsung Xchange Mobile can use the dial through capability of the Samsung SCMC/SCME and OfficeServ systems to allow the mobile user to directly dial extension numbers in the office, or an external number via the system’s trunks.

Samsung Xchange Mobile will also automatically recognise the number as an internal extension and connect the call without any additional actions from the user. As the call is routed through the system it reduces the mobile calling costs.

Stay Contactable

SCMC, SCME, and the OfficeServ series systems can be set up to call both a user’s extension number and mobile phone simultaneously if the user is away from the building, and stopped simply by selecting “Block” from the Xchange Mobile application.

Xchange Mobile will also show the name of the caller on the mobile phone (if logged previously in the shared address book) against all incoming calls, otherwise it would be displayed with the main office number to indicate the call was being made to the landline number.

Continual Visibility

Samsung Xchange Mobile mirrors certain features familiar to Samsung Xchange desktop, including the on/off hook status of the mobile phone. This allows other users of an Xchange client (PC or Mobile) to visually check if a mobile user is busy on a call – either by a call sent via the phone system, or if the call is made directly to/from the mobile phone itself.

Xchange Mobile also displays a Presence screen similar to that of the PC client, with the functionality to set an individual’s availability directly from the application using status indicators – “Available”, “Meeting” and “Out of Office”.

Instant Messaging

Colleagues can send internal chat messages via their PC or mobile phone, dependent on the extension selected. Historical messages can be retrieved if required, as well as previous conversations continued through the Xchange Mobile application.

Geo-Location Features

Xchange Mobile can be configured by the user to report their geographical location back to the server via a text description.

The location of the user’s device is then visible to other colleagues in the location field of the presence screen of the PC Xchange client. (internet connection required).

Security and Provisioning

Access to the Xchange server by a user of Xchange Mobile is authenticated by a username and password. Once established, SSL can be used to encrypt the transfer of data between the client and the server.

Xchange Mobile user configurations can be set up on the server so that the mobile user only has to enter the server’s IP address after installing the application on the smartphone. The server automatically recognises the mobile CLI and provisions the smartphone with the pre-defined user parameters.