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Samsung SMT-i3105 IP Phone

The SMT-i3105 IP Phone from Samsung provides access to the key features of the SCMS, SCME, and OfficeServ 7000 series systems, underpinned by best in class IP technology. Offering a small desktop footprint it is ideal for general office, industrial, or retail environments and can support either handset, full duplex hands free or headset use.

When integrated with desktop applications, the SMT-i3105 is effective in demanding customer contact call centre environments. It also allows for seamless hot-desking, enabling users to log in to any IP handset – allocating the users personal details including extension number, direct dial and handset configuration to the desk in use at that time.

Integrate with Business Applications

XML web browser gives customers and system integrators the ability to integrate the SMT-i3105 handset with business applications, customise the display with corporate logos/colours, or display multimedia content from other sources such as weather forecasts, news feeds and stock reports.

Greater Functionality
The SMT-i3105 offers greater functionality including call handling directories, contact list integration, and a hot desking capability, which allows users to transfer their extension number and personal settings to any phone on the network.

Plug and Play Simplicity
For customers using SIP Trunks to route calls at low cost over the internet, the SMT-i3105 IP handset plugs straight into the network/phone system – making it simpler to install than digital handsets that require a media gateway card in the PBX.



Robust Security

All the SMT-i3100 series handsets come with robust security features, SRTP(Secure Real Time Protocol) speech encryption, and IP Address Security technology.

Award Winning Design

The ergonomic design of Samsung SIP Phones won world-class design awards including iF Communications Design Award, and Good Design Award. Every part of the SMT-i3100 series IP handsets are designed for user behaviour according to Samsung’s Design philosophy.

Key Specifications:

  • LCD – 2.8″ Mono / 128 x 64 pixels

  • Back-Light – No

  • DSS/BLF – 5/5

  • AOM – No

  • Fixed Function Key – 10

  • Navigation Button – No

  • Soft Key – 3

  • Codec – Voice codec: G.711, G.729AB

  • Network Interface – 2 port 10/100 baseT

  • Bluetooth – No

  • Camera – No

  • Speaker Phone – Yes

  • XML – No

  • Headset Jack – No

  • PoE Interface – Yes

  • Dimension- 170 x 199 x 117 mm

  • UC – Yes

  • Voice Codecs – G.711, G.729AB