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Samsung Call Recording

Samsung Call Recording is a fully integrated module for the Samsung Business Reporting suite of products, which can record your ISDN30, ISDN2, SIP or Analogue trunks.  This complete call recording solution delivers call recording playback, archiving, call evaluation and quality monitoring.

Why Record Calls?

  • Monitor call quality and staff performance to improve company standards and customer care

  • Resolve ‘who said what’ disputes by confirming details from a call such as quantities/specifications of an order, protecting both your business and your staff from disputes and abuse

  • Train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance

  • Achieve regulatory compliance (encrypted, PCI DSS, MiFID II and GDPR support)

Ease of Use

  • Record calls to and from licensed extensions, including internal calls, at an unlimited number of sites.

  • Store, find, playback, archive and email call recordings. Use powerful filters to easily locate calls and share recordings.

  • Call recording PCI compliance (pause and resume recording using DTMF).

  • Export recordings as .wav files.

Scaleable and Flexible

  • Easily scalable and cost effective, from just a few users to many hundreds

  • Whether you have ISDN2 and Analogue or ISDN30 and SIP – any combination and number of lines can be catered for in one seamless solution.


Secure role-based access ensures only the right person can playback the right call.

  • Storage and playback is encrypted

  • Automated archiving.

Call Record Intel 

Call Evaluation Upgrade

Evaluate calls while listening to them and report on the evaluation flags, tags and call outcomes.

  • Flag and tag calls for further review or for use in training.

  • Evaluate call recordings on call handling, call close and technical knowledge. See which evaluation questions have been answered, the total score and average score given by agents.

  • View agents’ average scores when call recordings have been evaluated.

  • Evaluate calls and view the total calls that have been given the same feedback rating.

  • Add call results such as complaint, non-sales calls and sales calls. Report on the total calls that have been given the same call result.

  • Obtain a breakdown of audited calls. Monitor who played back which calls and when, using the audit trail history.

Multi-site Recording

Review past performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan the number of staff and times of day you want them to work. Model and predict using different staffing levels or different volumes of calls, to ensure optimum resource. Parameters such as wrap-up time can be altered to achieve SLAs.