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Contact Centre - Licences


Samsung Contact Centre (SCC) is specially designed for enterprises with more demanding requirements typically found in formal or developing classic inbound and outbound contact centres.

As part of its functionality, SCC offers virtually unlimited call routing options, including numerous time plans and queues, skills-based routing, and position in queue announcements. Agents can log in from any handset, anywhere, and reports are measured against the actual agent name and not their extension, regardless of where they connect.

Administrators also have the flexibility to log into the system remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Scaleable and Affordable

A comprehensive reporting suite incorporates real time and historical reporting of all ACD activity, in addition to customer data, which allows for resource levels to be planned accurately, improves efficiency and customer service, as well as providing deeper levels of performance analytics.

In addition to a number of predefined reports there is the ability for administrators to simply and quickly develop their own specific reports – delivered in multiple formats to many types of devices.


As well as the typical information featured on traditional call centre reports such as how many calls are waiting and for how long, information such as current sales levels or stock market information can be mixed in. Linking external information to internal reports to management when making business decisions.

Performance Enhancing

SCC Reports

Combining SCC with Samsung’s SCMC, SCME, and OfficeServ systems delivers advanced features of the host platform to deliver full functionality.

For example, businesses can increase revenue by monitoring and improving business performance through the built in reporting system, and agents have the tools to improve call handling that ultimately results in customer satisfaction and retention.

SCC has been specifically developed from the ground up to make it easy to install, easy to administer, easy to use without compromising on functionality, secure, and reliable.

SCC is scalable and licences are price tiered to fit all business sizes, making it more cost effective to improve call handling for agents which in-turn improves customer

service – helping you to retain customers.

In addition, its browser-based architecture offers convenient access to the system from any device reducing the cost of software licenses, installation and maintenance.

SCC Call Routing

Conditional Call Routing via ACD engine, provides the ability to automatically route calls to the best agent for the job, providing a personlised customer experience, and reduces the need to call backs.

Agents are not restricted to a deskphone anymore and can work from home, resulting in a more flexible workforce. Instead, they can use a remotely connected PC , with their associated telephone, tablet or smartphone. Samsung SCC can deliver information to any device, anywhere as long as it has a browser.

  • Skills/priority-based routing with 9,999 skill levels

  • Supports 100 queues and 500 agents/supervisors

SCC Call Recording

Inbuilt Call Recording of all Agent Calls with PCI Options, facilitates the recording of calls so they can be used for training purposes to improve customer calling experiences, while also complying with current Legislation.

Out of Hours / IVR

A business or contact centre can now be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with SCC’s built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

The additional licences for SCC activates simple functionality such as callers leaving contact details, to integration with other information systems or platforms that can provide real-time information responses such as stock level information.

IVR is not just an out of hours option either, as these processes can be combined with the normal operation of the Contact Centre to provide cover for busy periods or as an option for customers to choose an automated response only service.